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Cryo Chamber

Utah Lawmaker Moves To Disarm BLM & IRS

Rep. Chris Stewart of Utah, concerned about the armed agents that surrounded Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s property, is mulling a measure to cut funding for any “paramilitary units” that work for the Bureau of Land Management, the Internal Revenue Service and other federal regulatory agencies.

“There are lots of people who are really concerned when [...]

30 States Petition Feds To Secede After Election

Liberals often like to compare President Barack Obama to former President Abraham Lincoln. The comparison is usually dismissed as laughably hagiographical, viagra but judging by one unexpected bit of fallout from Tuesday’s election, cure it could well end up being accurate in just one respect: Like Lincoln, Obama is facing requests by the citizens of [...]

ATF Whistleblower Fired In Parking Lot For Exposing Corruption

Special Agent Vince Cefalu has worked for the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms for more than 25 years. On top of successfully placing dozens of hard criminals behind bars throughout his career, Cefalu has received promotions and consistently positive evaluations. When he started raising his voice about ATF corruption and illegal wiretapping in 2005, [...]

Sword-Wielding Robber Killed At Vegas Dairy Queen

Police say a clerk at a Las Vegas Dairy Queen shot and killed a sword-wielding, visit this site masked man who tried to rob the restaurant.

Detectives say the suspect was shot twice and was lying just outside the doors when officers arrived around 12:15 p.m. Sunday.

The suspect died at a hospital.

Metro Police [...]

Senate Victory In Indiana Is First Step In Demoting Harry Reid

The victory in Indiana last week — where Richard Mourdock defeated anti-gun incumbent Senate Dick Lugar — was earth shattering. The national media’s collective jaw dropped to the floor, more about and the political pundits in Washington are now wondering whose scalp will be next.

Gun Owners of America was a huge part of that [...]

Shotgun Wedding Anyone?

The term “shotgun wedding” commonly referred to any male being forced into marriage by the father of the intended bride, while his future father in law held him at gun point with his trusty side by side. Makes me wonder how many males were forced into marriage by aggressive females?

I know someone that had [...]

NV CCW Permit Confidentiality

Little opposition was expressed at a hearing Monday for a bill that would make all information pertaining to Nevada concealed weapons permits confidential.

Backers of AB143 argued such confidentiality is a safety issue, rx because thieves could find out who has concealed weapons permits — and presumably guns — and target those homes for burglary.


NRA Mans Up To Harry Reid

This week’s hostage standoff at the Discovery Channel headquarters in Maryland offers a scary reminder why it’s important for Americans to be able to own and carry firearms. When the public is packing heat, it’s more dangerous for deranged criminals to threaten innocent life because individuals can defend themselves. No organization does more to protect [...]

Harry Reid Approves Ad Attacking 2A

The Harry Reid campaign has released a campaign ad attacking Sharon Angle as “crazy” for warning that “If this Congress keeps going the way it is, people are really looking towards those Second Amendment remedies.”

The spokesman is Bill Ames, president of the Peace Officers Research Association of Nevada and a self-described “member of the [...]

Seized Guns Should Be Sold, Not Scrapped

Facing a budget crisis, why would anyone burn money?

That’s a question worth asking the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, which recently destroyed 8,300 firearms allegedly confiscated from criminals; guns that could and should have been sold to licensed firearms dealers, or utilized by the agency as a means of raising money or saving it. [...]