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DHS Supplier Sells Targets Of American Gun Owners

dorkalertLaw Enforcement Targets, physician Inc., this site a 21 year designer and full service provider of training targets for thousands of law enforcement agencies throughout the country, find including the Department of Homeland Security and the Justice Department, is now providing a line of “No More Hesitation” targets. What is so unusual about these targets? They are of a “pregnant woman threat,” “older man with shotgun,” “older man in home with shotgun,” “older woman with gun,” “young school aged girl,” “young mother on playground,” and “little boy with real gun.”

According to the the website these targets are “”designed to give officers the experience of dealing with deadly force shooting scenarios with subjects that are not the norm during training.” The targets are, “meant to help the transition for officers who are faced with these highly unusual targets for the first time.”

While I do recall live ranges using people that are non threatening in order to facilitate a reaction from trainees in which they might encounter innocent people while trying to locate criminals, this is a bit unsettling. Of course, yes there could be a mistake and as we are aware many people today are carrying concealed and you want to be ready to deal with law abiding citizens you might encounter that carry. I can see preparation for coming into a situation where there is a mass shooting and yet there might be civilians who are armed trying to stop the threat and police arrive on the scene. However, a little boy? or a young school aged girl? Additionally why label this line “No More Hesitation”? Is it to encourage shooting the person on the target? Furthermore, who is demanding these kinds of targets?-[source]

5 comments to DHS Supplier Sells Targets Of American Gun Owners

  • I’d be the last to stick up for anything the Gov has done, but in this case, I think the targets are being viewed as more than what they are. I’m a former Police Officer (Disabled). When I went through the Academy in 1994, we had these very same targets for the “Shoot/No Shoot” training…the “No More Hesitation” is probably referring to ID’ing whether that object in their hand is a gun, or a badge (in the one target series), Holding a baby in one arm and either a bottle or a knife in the other hand (another in the series). They’ve been out in circulation since at least the 70′s (I used to go with my father for his PD quals back in the day)

    I know that my words don’t carry much weight being the new guy, and how easily one of Obies squad could defend crap, But trust me…I could fill a book complaining about the horsecrap they are putting us through over our RIGHTS. If it helps, or if I can answer anything, feel free to write me on my 2A page (RTS) under my admin name (Sam Adams)

  • Glenn B

    Targets depicting folks other than dirtbag types have been used by law enforcement for many years; it adds realism to the training because all different sorts of people can be real threats. I have had experience with those types of targets since at least the early 1980s. This is nothing new except maybe for the ridiculous choice of the name “No More Hesitation” if that is indeed what the target manufacturing company of DHS is calling them. There always needs to be hesitation even if only a millisecond – hesitation that allows you to assess the target to realize it is indeed a threat before shooting at it. While that name was probably meant to be a marketing ploy, it was not a good choice as far as I am concerned. I think the government is doing a lot of illegal and sinister things, quite possibly with the intent of a major illegal takeover of power, but I do not think these targets lend anything new to those dark efforts. While the dark side could use them with bad intent, so too could they use anything with that same bad intent and that would be misuse of an object much the same way a criminal may misuse a firearm. I also truly believe these targets have their proper place in legitimate law enforcement, military and civilian firearms training to prepare they who carry firearms for the widest spectrum of possible life threatening scenarios.

    All the best,
    Glenn B

  • Sam Adams: Don’t ever think your comments aren’t valued, they are!
    We were all the FNG at one time or another.
    Thank you for your service as a police officer, Sir.
    It’s a thankless job,especially if when officer’s leave their home not knowing if they’ll be returning home after their shift. Not to mention their families always hoping that knock at the door isn’t what they dread daily, plus police officers jobs outta pay more.

    Glenn B.: You’re absolutely correct.
    the_grey_rider AKA donttreadonme

  • the newer guy

    Don’t think your safe from DHS or FEMA because your a X badge guys and gals.
    Your the targets too.
    Most of the targets look like my grand parents, kids, wife or mom.
    Or DSH FEMA family.
    GOOD Luck in the days to come.

  • sancho panza
    No more guns for this guy.
    The monster eating it’s offspring.

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