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Cryo Chamber

30 States Petition Feds To Secede After Election

Liberals often like to compare President Barack Obama to former President Abraham Lincoln. The comparison is usually dismissed as laughably hagiographical, viagra but judging by one unexpected bit of fallout from Tuesday’s election, cure it could well end up being accurate in just one respect: Like Lincoln, Obama is facing requests by the citizens of [...]

Clinton Believed Obama ‘Was Going To Cry’

In an article published today, The Weekly Standard is citing comments made by former President Bill Clinton that he thought Obama “was going to cry.”

Speaking at a Barack Obama re-election rally today in Parma, Ohio (as posted by The Plain Dealer of Cleveland), the former president stated (video, lower left);

“Governor Romney’s argument is, [...]

Five Arrested In Bridge Bombing Plot Near Cleveland

Five people, tadalafil claiming to be anarchists, clinic have been arrested in Cleveland for trying to blow up a four-lane bridge across the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

The public was never in danger from the devices,according to Fox News. The explosive devices were inoperable and controlled by an undercover FBI agent. Charges were [...]

Burglar Shot After Waking Toledo Homeowner

A Toledo resident took aim after someone broke into his home. It happened just before 1:00 a.m. Saturday morning on Hoops Street. The man insists he was protecting his family.

The burglary suspect is in serious condition at Mercy St. V’s. The homeowner, who didn’t want to be identified, says he feared for his family.


Rodriguez Range Project Gets Boost From Mother Nature


Four Stabbed, Suspect Shot By Police

The Associated Press reported last week that a man that stabbed four people in a downtown Ohio office building was shot by a police officer after lunging at the officer with a knife in each hand.

According to Columbus Police Sgt. Rich Weiner, pills three of the victims are in critical condition, as is the [...]

12 States On Path To Guns With No Permits

Legislatures in a dozen states are considering laws that would eliminate requirements that residents obtain permits to carry concealed weapons.

Gun-control advocates view the efforts as part of a long-range strategy to eventually weaken gun laws across the country. But supporters say armed, recipe law-abiding citizens prevent crime.

Andrew Arulanandam, policy director for the National [...]

Texas Professor:OH School Shooting Is ‘Exercise Of 2A’

The suggestion by a University of Texas law professor that Monday’s deadly school shooting in Ohio was a “typical exercise of the Second Amendment” is an outrage, clinic the Second Amendment Foundation said today.

Calvin Johnson teaches law at UT in Austin, and his comments appeared in an e-mail that was exposed by a reporter [...]

Court Orders Cleveland:Stop Gun Control!

Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Brian Corrigan has ordered Cleveland to stop any enforcement of 19 separate local gun control ordinances, there effective immediately.

Buckeye Firearms Foundation is the lead Plaintiff in the case, tadalafil which was filed in early 2009. In the interim, Cleveland sued the State of Ohio in an attempt to have [...]

Fewer Cops, Citizens Should Arm Themselves

Plunging government revenues may have the unintended consequence – so far as tax-and-spend (and spend some more) public officials are concerned – of reminding people that we are ultimately responsible for our own safety.

The pie plate is empty and inevitable cutbacks in important public services, physician including law enforcement, are on the horizon. It [...]