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NRA Mans Up To Harry Reid

This week’s hostage standoff at the Discovery Channel headquarters in Maryland offers a scary reminder why it’s important for Americans to be able to own and carry firearms. When the public is packing heat, it’s more dangerous for deranged criminals to threaten innocent life because individuals can defend themselves. No organization does more to protect our right to keep and bear arms than the National Rifle Association, and when you go against the NRA, you get thumped. Just ask Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.-[source]

8 comments to NRA Mans Up To Harry Reid

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  • Don Mei

    This is an incredibly stupid post. Harry Reid is very pro-gun and the NRA acknowledges this. He is a liberal, but he’s a Western liberal. He got tens of millions of dollars from the feds to build a public shooting range that is the Taj Mahal of shooting ranges, right outside of Vegas.

    Sorry. Liberal does not equal anti-gun in many states.

  • Don Mei

    When asked about a new assault weapons ban shortly after BHO was elected, his comment was that we should enforce the laws already on the books.

  • B C King

    Yes,but Dianne Swinestien and Mayor Bloomturd are both on the record saying We should just enforce the laws on the books and we know what fine,upstanding supporters of the second amendment they are……….

  • Demonkrauts will say anything to get or stay elected.
    Their records on second amendment legislation shows their true colors.
    Look at Harry Reids record, he has voted AGAINST 44 pro gun bills.
    I will be happy to see him go in November.

  • Rev. Dave

    Liberal does not equal anti-gun where I am either, and I’m on the East Coast. Everybody I know thinks I’m a liberal, and they are all surprised when they find out I carry concealed. But The Holy Bible says to “resist evil and it shall flee from you”. You can’t beat the Devil by jackin’ yer jaws about how bad a boy he is, you just gotta shut up and fight or lose to him.

    Fascism will take your rights and enslave you, and is the Devil’s preferred form of government – and it’s on the ‘right wing’. (See, told you I’m a liberal.) A truly left wing government would support all citizens’ rights, including the Second Amendment, and NOT suck up to corporate interests or the permanent-war military either. But we’ve not had a real ‘left wing’ government since oh, 1800 or thereabouts. Since then every Congress just keeps giving more power to business and taking more money and freedom from us to do it.

  • I’ve been under the impression left-wingers have done more to violate the rights of citizens, take for instance their secession from the union resulting in a bloody civil war, their Jim Crow laws, denying freed slaves the right to vote, the right to bear arms, and birthright citizenship, not to mention electing KKK members on the democratic platform.
    But what do I know, democrats have tried to rewrite history for so long now they have proven their naivety by believing their own lies, and currently dupe the public into believing Republicans were the ones violating We The People’s rights.
    U r correct about fascism, tho it is the oppressed that are relieved of their rights.
    Part of me wonders what would happen in 50 years if there were no Republicans left for liberals to blame for their own failed policies, the other would like to see a fascist form of government come to power, originating here, for world domination, and wipe out socialism on a global level.
    After all, communism is a DISEASE.

  • Another FACT of democrats and elections, is to dupe the public by confusing the facts, then voter have to wait 2 to 6 years before correcting the problem

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