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Cryo Chamber

30 States Petition Feds To Secede After Election

Liberals often like to compare President Barack Obama to former President Abraham Lincoln. The comparison is usually dismissed as laughably hagiographical, viagra but judging by one unexpected bit of fallout from Tuesday’s election, cure it could well end up being accurate in just one respect: Like Lincoln, Obama is facing requests by the citizens of [...]

Gingrich Calls For Second Amendment ‘For All Mankind’

Newt Gingrich may not have much of a shot at becoming President, but he is refusing to go quietly.

And while he is no longer talking about the colonizing the Moon, he does have plans which cover the entire globe.

The former House Speaker told the National Rifle Association today that gun ownership should be [...]

MLK And His Guns

One issue on everyone’s mind this Martin Luther King Jr. day was gun control. King’s calls for resolving our differences through peaceful nonviolence are especially poignant after Jared Loughner gunned down six people and wounded several others in Tucson. Amid the clamor for new gun laws, its appropriate to remember King’s complicated history with guns.


Seniors Protect Themselves With Guns

The fear of crime has many seniors feeling the need to protect themselves. That means to some to buy guns. And two elderly gun owners say they are not afraid to use them. They say having a gun is the only way they feel safe anymore.

A 75-year-old widow in Hoover has a handgun in [...]

More states join fight with feds over guns

Utah, Alabama, Idaho, South Carolina, South Dakota, Wyoming and West Virginia all signed on to the lawsuit. The states argue that the U.S. Constitution gives them the right to control activities inside state borders, and they want the authority to do so under the firearms freedom acts advancing around the country. [...]

Left-Wing Prof Shoots 6 in Alabama

A fatal shooting at the University of Alabama in Huntsville has opened a 24-year-old can of worms in Massachusetts, forcing law enforcement there to reopen the investigation of an earlier incident involving the same perpetrator.

Amy Bishop, a 44-year-old Harvard-educated neurobiology professor at the university, pulled out a 9mm for which she had no carry [...]