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Seized Guns Should Be Sold, Not Scrapped

Facing a budget crisis, why would anyone burn money?

That’s a question worth asking the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, which recently destroyed 8,300 firearms allegedly confiscated from criminals; guns that could and should have been sold to licensed firearms dealers, or utilized by the agency as a means of raising money or saving it.

That’s a lot of guns. Weren’t any of them taken in through so-called “gun buy-back” programs?

According to the Los Angeles Times, which covered the event as though it were some sort of gala, Sheriff’s Deputy Bill Brauberger thought the wasteful destruction was “a celebration” for the agency. It is nothing to celebrate when a valuable resource is destroyed in the name of political correctness.

Like it or not, firearms are a valuable commodity for which law-abiding citizens will pay good money; dollars that could help support the agency that willingly sent these guns to a furnace. Depending upon the type and condition of these firearms, 8,300 guns could fetch a princely sum that could help pay for department programs, anything from gasoline for patrol cars to training or additional equipment.-[source]

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