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Cryo Chamber

30 States Petition Feds To Secede After Election

Liberals often like to compare President Barack Obama to former President Abraham Lincoln. The comparison is usually dismissed as laughably hagiographical, viagra but judging by one unexpected bit of fallout from Tuesday’s election, cure it could well end up being accurate in just one respect: Like Lincoln, Obama is facing requests by the citizens of [...]

92 Year Old Boone County Homeowner Shoots, Kills Intruder

One man is dead and two more are behind bars after a World War II veteran took matters into his own hands when a burglar broke into his home.

Boone County Police say a man broke into the basement of a home in the 15000 block of Violet Road in Verona just after 2 a.m.


How Does Your State Rate On 2nd Amendment?

The Brady bunch has released its annual scorecard rating states based on how strict their gun laws are. The scorecard is a very useful tool to help rights groups understand how their state compares to others on a liberty scale; more points = less liberty.

Alaska, link Arizona and Utah have all achieved the coveted [...]

12 States On Path To Guns With No Permits

Legislatures in a dozen states are considering laws that would eliminate requirements that residents obtain permits to carry concealed weapons.

Gun-control advocates view the efforts as part of a long-range strategy to eventually weaken gun laws across the country. But supporters say armed, recipe law-abiding citizens prevent crime.

Andrew Arulanandam, policy director for the National [...]

Man Seriously Injured In Potato Gun Explosion

A man was hospitalized after being seriously injured in a potato gun explosion.Police said they received a report of a shooting in the 200 block of Alpha Avenue at about 4:15 p.m. Monday, where they found 53-year-old John Berthiaume II lying in the street.

Berthiaume suffered injuries to his right arm and leg when his [...]

KC3 Donations

Michael Mitchell was a graduate student at the University of Kentucky who worked in the operating room at the UK Medical Center in April 2010 when a co-worker lied and told his supervisor that Michael had a gun in his locker.

He didn’t have a gun there, of course. But he then volunteered the information [...]

U Of K Gun Owner Fired Over Gun In Car

The University of Kentucky has fired a graduate student and former anesthesia technician, viagra 60mg Michael Mitchell, for keeping a gun in his car a mile away from the university hospital where he was employed.

The university then proceeded to try to deny Mitchell unemployment compensation by claiming, unsuccessfully, that he was fired for misconduct. [...]

Conceal Carry On Campus Controversy

Kentucky state law doesn’t ban students from carrying concealed weapons on UK’s campus but the university does and after the recent crime wave, many are questioning whether that policy should be changed.

“To ban personal protection of arms, when they’re not here to protect us is a problem,” says David Burnett with the organization, Students [...]

Gun Sales Up After Murray Home Invasion

A July 12th home invasion left Murray homeowner and businessman Chuck Wynn and one of his alleged assailants injured after an exchange of gunfire. Murray police have charged two men with attempted murder in the incident and four others in connection with the break-in. Chris Taylor sits down with Wynn to talk about what happened [...]

Gun Control Legislation Derailed

Legislation brought before the state senate recently, viagra order known as the microstamping bill, doctor has generated quite a bit of publicity. The measure is gun control under the guise of crime prevention. I voted against the bill and am pleased to say it was pulled from the senate floor after failing to garner enough [...]