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Homeowner Arrested After Firing Warning Blast With Shotgun

dorkalert“Slow Joe” Biden’s advice to firing a warning shot to scare off intruders had landed a Battle Ground, check Washington man in the Clark County Jail, charged with assault:

A Battle Ground man was arrested after he allegedly fired a gun early Sunday morning to scare off teens who were in his home.

The homeowner, Billy Franklin Bicknell, 67, said he fired off a shotgun after hearing what he thought was an intruder in his house, at 17414 N.E. 280th St. in Battle Ground, according to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office. Bicknell said he fired the gun in an attempt to scare away a teen who was leaving his house through a window, deputies said.

They said when they responded to the call at about 1 a.m., they discovered that Bicknell’s 15-year-old granddaughter, who lives with him, had invited several teenagers to the home before the incident. Upon hearing Bicknell approach, the teens began jumping out of the home’s second-story window.

The key detail that differentiates this shooting from a similar incident in Texas is that in this instance, the boys were attempting to flee through the window when Bicknell fired the shot, “as a warning.” Warning shots are almost never legally justifiable. You’re either able to justify a center mass shot to stop a lethal force threat, or you aren’t justified in firing at all, something that our dim-witted Vice President doesn’t seem to be able to grasp.

Never fire a warning shot. Ever.-[source]

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