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Cryo Chamber

Cops:Woman Pulls Gun During Sex In Moving Car

A Florida woman is accused of pulling a gun on a man she was having sex with as he drove his car, causing him to crash into a tree, according to video from Buzz:60.

The night began when Amanda Linscott and a friend went to bar, where they would meet the victim, the video says. [...]

Thief Scolds Gun Owner With Disapproving Note

It must be opposite day, visit this because a rather unorthodox crime has left people condemning the victim and praising the criminal.

It all started with a simple mistake. Last Monday night, 48-year-old Mike Maisonneuve of Port St. Lucie left his firearm as well as several other valuables in his unlocked car. If that sounds [...]

LL Cool J TAKES DOWN Intruder In His House

LL Cool J came face-to-face with a burglary suspect in his home, and took the guy down with his own hands early this morning … TMZ has learned.

According to law enforcement sources … the suspect entered LL’s Los Angeles area house around 2AM, but unfortunately for him the actor/rapper/badass was home.

We’re told LL [...]

Sword-Wielding Robber Killed At Vegas Dairy Queen

Police say a clerk at a Las Vegas Dairy Queen shot and killed a sword-wielding, visit this site masked man who tried to rob the restaurant.

Detectives say the suspect was shot twice and was lying just outside the doors when officers arrived around 12:15 p.m. Sunday.

The suspect died at a hospital.

Metro Police [...]

Texas Man Shoots Home Invader In Self-Defense!

Police are still trying to piece together the details of what happened. Some eye witnesses report that the home invasion included as many as three robbers, salve but the police have only captured one suspect. Here’s what we do know:

The alleged burglar(s) started the robbery rather politely – by knocking on the door. The [...]

Burglar Shot By Passerby

A suspected burglar is recovering after being shot by driver who happened to be passing by.

The incident began with a burglary at a home on Bainbridge Island where the homeowner says he found a man in his kitchen going through drawers and cabinets. The intruder reportedly grabbed a knife and went after the homeowner [...]

Clerk Fends Off Thieves In Gunfight

A clerk fended off two robbers in a gun battle at a convenience store in Waco, salve Texas, doctor and it was all caught on tape.

The clerk says initially he was caught off-guard by the two armed men and he told them to take all the cigarettes they wanted.

As the robbers started to [...]