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Rodriguez Range Project Gets Boost From Mother Nature

healing Helvetica, website like this sans-serif;”>When you’re moving earth, order installing drainage and erecting concrete and iron structures 200 feet from 9,900 square miles of open water on the Great Lakes in the middle of winter, there’s a good chance you’re going to suffer some downtime – maybe until springtime.

But in the crazy winter of 2012, when southern states got more snowfall, ice and foul conditions than Camp Perry, it’s possible to get more work done than normal – a lot more.

That’s just the case for Tim Smith of Toltest, Inc. of Maumee, Ohio and the workers from its local subcontractor, Kwest Group of Port Clinton. They’re the folks who were hired by the State of Ohio to rebuild the Ohio National Guard’s 100-year-old Rodriguez Range berm and target pits at Camp Perry-[source]

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