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Cryo Chamber

Wanted Fugitive Fatally Shot By Gun-Toting Kansas Farmer

Authorities have identified a 42-year-old Iowa fugitive who was fatally shot by a farmer in south-central Kansas.

Sumner County Sheriff Darren Chambers says Joseph L. Lamasters, remedy of Creston, this Iowa, cheap was wanted in that state for a probation violation stemming from drug charges.

KSN-TV reportsKansas authorities began searching for [...]

Internal Memo:ATF Rank & File Don’t Trust The Brass

Top leaders at the Bureau of Alcohol, about it Tobacco and Firearms, page already under fire from lawmakers in the wake of the “Fast and Furious” debacle, cheapest also get harsh marks from the men and women who serve under them, according to an internal survey.

An ATF memo obtained by reveals that rank-and-file [...]

12 States On Path To Guns With No Permits

Legislatures in a dozen states are considering laws that would eliminate requirements that residents obtain permits to carry concealed weapons.

Gun-control advocates view the efforts as part of a long-range strategy to eventually weaken gun laws across the country. But supporters say armed, recipe law-abiding citizens prevent crime.

Andrew Arulanandam, policy director for the National [...]


The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms today condemned Democrat members of the Iowa House of Representatives for leaving the capitol rather than debate , ailment and possibly vote on, two pro-gun measures affirming the right to keep and bear arms, and the right of self-defense.

As reported by the Des [...]

Man Shot Twice Trying To Shoot Caged Raccoon

A rural Redfield man is being treated for two gunshot wounds after an attempt to shoot a raccoon caught in a live trap backfired.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources says 68-year-old Larry Godwin was using a 22-caliber handgun to shoot the caged raccoon at around 11 a.m. Saturday when the bullet ricocheted off the [...]

Free Weapons Training To Abuse Victims

Domestic abuse victims would be offered free self-defense and firearms training by sheriffs under a measure being considered in the Iowa House.

Advocates said Monday that the issue is about empowering victims.-[source]

Gun Rights Advocates Protest Businesses

Looser laws for gun owners in Iowa took effect in the new year. Some businesses already plan to keep out the gun-toters, but it’s causing a second amendment uproar.

Gun owners are stepping up to businesses. If they won’t let them carry a firearm in, they’ll take their money elsewhere.

Signs reading ‘No firearms allowed’ [...]

New Gun Law Widens Permit Holders’ Rights

Under Iowa’s new weapons permit law — starting in 2011 — a person with a permit could openly walk down Central Avenue with a shotgun slung in a holster across his back.

Plymouth County Sheriff Mike Van Otterloo, explaining the changes to Iowa’s permit laws, said such a situation would be legal, but not likely.


Culver To Sign Concealed Weapons Measure

Gov. Chet Culver said Monday that he plans to sign into law a measure overhauling the way concealed weapons permits are issued.

Currently, those seeking a permit to carry a concealed weapon must apply with their local sheriff, who has broad discretion on whether to grant the permit.

The measure Culver intends to sign would [...]

Gun Rights Groups Rejoice, Local Sheriffs Cringe

They’re sworn to uphold the law, but some Iowa sheriff’s aren’t happy with new rules that take away their power to decide who can pack heat and who can’t.

Until now, sheriff’s have been able to deny people concealed/carry gun permits if they saw fit. Under the new law, they “must issue” permits to anyone [...]