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U Of K Gun Owner Fired Over Gun In Car

The University of Kentucky has fired a graduate student and former anesthesia technician, viagra 60mg Michael Mitchell, for keeping a gun in his car a mile away from the university hospital where he was employed.

The university then proceeded to try to deny Mitchell unemployment compensation by claiming, unsuccessfully, that he was fired for misconduct.  A hearing officer found against the University of Kentucky and in favor of Mitchell.

All this, despite the fact that Mitchell had a Kentucky concealed carry permit, believed he had fully complied with Kentucky law governing concealed carry, and therefore cooperated fully with police and university authorities.

And finally, Kentucky Revised Statutes sec. 27.020 seems to prevent a state institution like the University of Kentucky from interfering with the Second Amendment rights of a concealed carry permit holder.  That section holds, in part, that “[n]o person or organization, public or private, shall prohibit” a concealed carry permit holder from transporting a firearm in his vehicle in accordance with law.

So…….  What’s up with the University of Kentucky?

The answer is that it’s probably not much different from many Left-leaning universities.  After all, Virginia Tech fought hard and successfully to keep guns off its campus – nearly a year, to the day, before a crazed gunman killed 31 people on that campus.-[source]

5 comments to U Of K Gun Owner Fired Over Gun In Car

  • J. B. Layne

    Being a graduate of UK, It should be noted that the school is deeply rooted in a community, Lexington, that feels it is above the law. Examples? When ordered to desegregate its schools in 1968, the school board resegregated the schools along class lines, putting poor whites together with blacks in substandard schools; the drug trade was controlled by the police department (One policeman, Drew Thornton had several private aircraft on a policeman’s salary–he died when bailing out of his airplane with a large quantity of cocaine to avoid capture); I could go on. Kentucky politicians are largely corrupt, Lexington politicians are incredibly so.

    The major reason is, of course, they know they can get away with it.

  • I hope he sues the hell out of them, and wins.

  • jgreene

    These people are left-wing FOOLS! I sincerely hope he sues their butts off. They have absolutely no common sense and have no idea what our Constitution says.

  • jrh

    Never fear, these morons are surrounded! So a University is anti-gun? These little bastions of progressive/marxist theory are doomed to fail as more and more folks in Kentucky and the US begin to exhale, to let their voices be heard and their votes be tallied. Victory is but a few election cycles away. As our youth mature in the “real world” after graduation the sparkly twinkling lights of progressivism are quickly dimmed by lifes many hard choices and necessary “evils”, like that of defending ones life.

  • Michael Mitchell has already sued UK and the appeal is headed to the Ky supreme court. The Kentucky Concealed Carry Coalition is funding the suit and we welcome donations from friends and allies – go to our blog at and use the link via the donations button. We have to raise at least $7000 to meet our present expenses so we can use some help! We’re confident Michael’s going to win! Thanks- Charles Riggs, co-founder KC3

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