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Michael Mitchell was a graduate student at the University of Kentucky who worked in the operating room at the UK Medical Center in April 2010 when a co-worker lied and told his supervisor that Michael had a gun in his locker.

He didn’t have a gun there, of course. But he then volunteered the information that he was a concealed carry permit holder and that he had a handgun in his car – LEGALLY, in the glove box as provided for by law, in a parking lot a half mile away at Commonwealth Stadium! So the UK security people drove him to his car, confiscated his handgun and sent him home.

He was subsequently fired from his job, in plain violation of Kentucky law which specifically prohibits such actions and specifically protects the possession of a firearm in one’s vehicle.

UK’s position is that they’re special, above the laws that govern the rest of us in Kentucky. They use a bizarre reading of one of the statutes to say that a gun in a car on their parking lot is ON their property, which is plainly NOT legal for any business or school in Kentucky. Until this can be resolved in the legislature the only thing that will make them end this illegal policy is this lawsuit.

Michael turned to KC3, the Kentucky Concealed Carry Coalition, for assistance and our attorneys took his case. They brought suit against UK for damages under our statutes. But his suit was denied by a judge in Fayette circuit court in a badly written and badly reasoned decision.

His attorneys then decided to skip a step in the process and appealed directly to the Kentucky Supreme Court which has now voted 5-2 to hear his appeal!-[source]

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