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Cryo Chamber

South Bend Police Tase, Arrest Wrong Guy

A story you will only see on ABC 57 News. One South Bend couple said they cannot trust the police, cost after officers barged in their home in the middle of the night and tased and punched their son, check for no reason at all.

The South Bend Police Department confirmed that three officers did [...]

Man Arrested For Road Rage Assault

Police have arrested a Mesa man who they say pointed a gun at another driver during a road rage incident.

Sunday afternoon, someone called 911 to report a man in a dark blue Chevy truck pointed a long barrel gun at him. The 911 caller gave the dispatcher the suspect’s license plate number and what [...]

Cop Blames Bieber Doll For Beating

A Denver police officer charged with beating his girlfriend claims that she provoked him by throwing a Justin Bieber doll at him.

Michael Nuanes, Jr., 37, is free on bond and facing charges that include misdemeanor assault causing injury and property damage, KMGH-TV reported Monday.

The charges stem from a January incident in which he [...]

Burglar Shot By Passerby

A suspected burglar is recovering after being shot by driver who happened to be passing by.

The incident began with a burglary at a home on Bainbridge Island where the homeowner says he found a man in his kitchen going through drawers and cabinets. The intruder reportedly grabbed a knife and went after the homeowner [...]