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Thief Scolds Gun Owner With Disapproving Note

It must be opposite day, visit this because a rather unorthodox crime has left people condemning the victim and praising the criminal.

It all started with a simple mistake. Last Monday night, 48-year-old Mike Maisonneuve of Port St. Lucie left his firearm as well as several other valuables in his unlocked car. If that sounds like irresponsible gun ownership, then you’re probably thinking the same thing that went through the head of one would-be thief.

Maisonneuve returned to his car Tuesday morning to discover that he had been robbed. His throwing knife, sheathe, .40 caliber pistol and gun magazines had been stolen from his unlocked vehicle. Maisonneuve then phoned police to report the crime, but when he turned back to his house he discovered that half of the crime had already been solved.

Sitting next to the front door was a plastic bag. The bag contained Maisonneuve’s gun and his knife, but 30 cartridges were missing. The bag also had a note from the thief. One side of the bag read “LOADED GUN Unlocked car = STUPID!!” and the other side of the bag read, “LOTS OF Children in area.”-[source]

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