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Cops:Woman Pulls Gun During Sex In Moving Car

A Florida woman is accused of pulling a gun on a man she was having sex with as he drove his car, causing him to crash into a tree, according to video from Buzz:60.

The night began when Amanda Linscott and a friend went to bar, where they would meet the victim, the video says. Both women would eventually go to his residence, where the friend had sex with the man.

They reportedly left with $120 of the man’s money when he went to the bathroom.

Later in the night, the man called the friend’s phone and set up a meeting at a convenience store. Only Linscott showed up, the video says.

After getting into his car she reportedly started having sex with him as he drove. She pulled the gun, the video says, when she asked for money and he said he didn’t have anymore.-[source]

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