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Left-Wing Prof Shoots 6 in Alabama

A fatal shooting at the University of Alabama in Huntsville has opened a 24-year-old can of worms in Massachusetts, forcing law enforcement there to reopen the investigation of an earlier incident involving the same perpetrator.

Amy Bishop, a 44-year-old Harvard-educated neurobiology professor at the university, pulled out a 9mm for which she had no carry permit at last Friday’s faculty meeting and opened fire, killing three of her colleagues and seriously wounding three others. When the gun jammed, the “courageous” remaining five professors managed to shove Bishop out of the room and barricade the door, possibly putting other staff or students at risk.

Bishop’s murderous rampage would most likely have been avoided had the 1986 shooting of her younger brother been investigated thoroughly. In December of that year, 18-year-old Seth Bishop died when he was shot in the chest by his sister. She then held up an automotive repair shop, claiming that she had had a fight with her husband and needed a getaway car before he came after her. A shop employee who spent a few moments on the other end of Bishop’s shotgun is now saying that the police spoke to him briefly at the time of Bishop’s arrest but never returned to question him further.

Then-district attorney William Delahunt, now a Democrat congressman, ruled the shooting an accident. Delahunt is presently traveling in the Middle East and has refused to provide a statement. Coincidentally, at the time of the shooting, Bishop’s mother was a member of the police personnel board.-[source]

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