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Wisconsin ‘Nam Vet Holds Thief At Gunpoint

George of Kenosha, medications Wisconsin, isn’t the type of guy you want to tangle with. His home may not be extravagant, but it’s all his. “This is my turf,” he told reporters, “from here up to the sky.” One would-be robber learned that lesson too late when he came face-to-face with George and his Smith [...]

Wisconsin Shooting Scrutinizes “Castle” Law

The decision by authorities not to charge a homeowner who shot dead an unarmed black man in a small Wisconsin town three weeks ago has drawn scrutiny to the state’s new “castle doctrine” law and comparisons to the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida.

Authorities ruled the killing of Bo Morrison, 20, by a Slinger, [...]

Wisconsin’s SB555 Creates Privileged “Police Class” Citizen

A troubling bill has hit the radar of Wisconsin Carry.

We began watching this bill a few weeks ago, abortion but it didn’t appear to have legs at that time. Now it does.

Senate Bill 555 is a bill that gives FROMER law enforcement folks the right to carry on private property EVEN IF THE [...]

Hawaii Government Sued Over Restrictive Firearms Laws

The non-profit Hawaii Defense Foundation has filed a lawsuit against the Honolulu Chief of Police Louis Kealoha, the Honolulu Police Department and the City & County of Honolulu as well as the State of Hawaii and Gov. Neil Abercrombie for violating the Second and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution.

The complaint, which was [...]

WI: Governor Signs CCW Legislation Into Law

Today, information pills National Rifle Association (NRA) Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre and the NRA`s Institute for Legislative Action Executive Director Chris W. Cox joined Governor Scott Walker as he signed the Wisconsin Personal Protection Act into law. This makes Wisconsin the 49th state to give law-abiding citizens an option to carry a concealed firearm [...]

Open Or CCW? Wisconsin Gun Owners Decide

When Wisconsin’s law allowing citizens to carry concealed weapons goes into effect, viagra 40mg Shawn Winrich is likely to take advantage of it. But if he does, visit this he’ll do it grudgingly.

Winrich, viagra a 34-year-old Madison resident and a member of the gun rights group Wisconsin Carry, likes to carry his Glock 17. [...]

WI:Homeowner Protection From Criminals

It would be easier for Wisconsin homeowners to protect themselves from intruders, under a new bill in the state Legislature.

Freshman Senate Republican Van Wangaard of Racine is sponsoring a measure in which homeowners would no longer have to prove their lives were threatened if they kill intruders in self-defense. Also, injured intruders would lose [...]

Brookfield Pays Woman Who Brought Gun To Church $7,500

The woman who was arrested at gunpoint after she wore her gun to a church in Brookfield, and a gun rights group, have settled a lawsuit against the city and the officers who arrested her for $7,500.

An attorney for the city said police will still always respond in force to calls of a person [...]

Lawyer Challenges Lifetime Gun Ban For Felons

Wisconsin’s law banning all felons from ever possessing a gun violates the 2nd Amendment, according to a lawyer for a man who has challenged the long-standing prohibition.

Assistant Public Defender William Louis Poss, of Black River Falls, makes the argument in a motion to dismiss a felon in possession charge against Daniel Rueden of Spencer.


Utah CCW Reciprocal In 32 States

The state of Utah, capsule one of Idaho’s neighbors to the south, doctor has seen a steady rise in concealed weapons permits over the past few years that highlight some differences in how the states handle letting citizens carry firearms.

A key difference between Idaho and Utah is portability—people who hold Utah’s concealed weapons can [...]