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Cryo Chamber

Wisconsin’s SB555 Creates Privileged “Police Class” Citizen

A troubling bill has hit the radar of Wisconsin Carry.

We began watching this bill a few weeks ago, abortion but it didn’t appear to have legs at that time. Now it does.

Senate Bill 555 is a bill that gives FROMER law enforcement folks the right to carry on private property EVEN IF THE [...]


A proposal by Baltimore, pharm Maryland mayoral candidate Otis Rolley to levy a tax of $1 per cartridge in an effort to cut down crime and random gunfire in the city is typical of an anti-gun liberal who decries urban violence but offers a way for government to profit from it while not solving the [...]

Stop “McCarthyite” Gun Control

Like vultures, advice anti-gun congressmen are always picking the bones of some national tragedy looking for political advantage.

?And the horrific shooting in Tucson earlier this year is just another example, as a string of anti-gun bills have been introduced recently. You may have seen a television ad about one of them: H.R. 308, introduced [...]

Life Is Too Precious To Run Out Of Bullets

Rabbi Bendory Minutes before lunatic Jared Loughner began his mayhem in Arizona, buy information pills the issue of a Federal high capacity ammunition magazine ban was a complete political non-starter.

Obama didn’t go near it when he had Democratic majorities and he certainly wouldn’t have tried it after the election rout of 2010.

High cap [...]

Amid Cuts, Judge Warns Citizens To Arm Selves

A judge in the county that’s Ohio’s largest by land area says sheriff’s department budget cuts means citizens should be vigilant and arm themselves.

The warning comes from northeast Ohio’s mostly rural Ashtabula County, see where the sheriff’s department has been cut from 112 to 49 deputies.

With deputies assigned to transport prisoners and serve [...]