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Open Or CCW? Wisconsin Gun Owners Decide

When Wisconsin’s law allowing citizens to carry concealed weapons goes into effect, viagra 40mg Shawn Winrich is likely to take advantage of it. But if he does, visit this he’ll do it grudgingly.

Winrich, viagra a 34-year-old Madison resident and a member of the gun rights group Wisconsin Carry, likes to carry his Glock 17. He’s done it openly for about a year, but he doesn’t like the idea of paying a permit fee to carry it concealed.

“The bill is somewhat reasonable,” says Winrich. “But it still doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a violation of the constitutional rights that are secured by the state Constitution, which says (you can carry firearms for) ‘any lawful purpose’ and the U.S. Constitution says ‘these rights shall not be infringed.’ But yet the state still thinks it can regulate and impose a tax on guns. And that’s just not right.”

The law is not ideal in the eyes of the National Rifle Association and other gun groups, either.-[source]

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