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WI:Homeowner Protection From Criminals

It would be easier for Wisconsin homeowners to protect themselves from intruders, under a new bill in the state Legislature.

Freshman Senate Republican Van Wangaard of Racine is sponsoring a measure in which homeowners would no longer have to prove their lives were threatened if they kill intruders in self-defense. Also, injured intruders would lose their right to sue the homeowners — and the families of those killed while committing burglaries could no longer win damages in court.

Wangaard says homeowners are often reluctant to act — and in some cases, homeowners’ relatives are left to wonder if their loved ones feared to protect themselves. But the State Bar calls the bill a solution in search of a problem — and it could protect domestic abusers who act against the spouses they’ve attacked. Even so, Wangaard’s bill is getting support from both parties in Madison as well as the National Rifle Association.-[source]

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