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Cryo Chamber


The Second Amendment Foundation has filed an amicus curiae brief in the long-running Nordyke v. King case in California, troche arguing that Second Amendment issues must be decided on a “strict scrutiny” basis, more about and that an ordinance in Alameda County banning gun shows at the county fairgrounds is unconstitutional because it would not [...]

Total Ban Fails To Stop Chinese Gun Trade

Illegal traders advertise with graffiti on walls, despite China’s near total ban on private gun ownership. To what effect has the black market succeeded?

“In 2007, a study by the Geneva-based Graduate Institute of International Studies estimated the total number of guns held by civilians in China at 40 million, third only to the United [...]

Obama Bans Over 100,000 U.S. Made Rifles

According to The Korea Times, information pills the Obama administration has blocked efforts by the South Korean government to sell over a hundred thousand surplus M1 Garand and M1 Carbine rifles into the United States market. These self-loading were rifles introduced in 1926 and 1941.

As rifles, symptoms they are especially well-suited to community defense [...]

Gunowners:Expect The Worst From Lame-Duck Congress

President Obama has recently dropped his cagey and coy dissembling about his true “gun control” plans. In July of this year he once again made it completely clear that he was in favor of a renewed “assault weapon” ban.

Obama is no longer laying low on the issue. We also know where Obama’s socialist [...]

Reid Defends Kagan Vote On 2A Grounds

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D.-Nev.) cited what he described as Elena Kagan’s defense of the Second Amendment last week as he explained his vote to confirm her to the Supreme Court.

“The roots of General Kagan’s respect for the rule of law are in her respect for our separation of powers,” Reid said in [...]

Armed American Radio:Listen In

As I was sitting in the “green room” at the FOX studios in New York City on June 23rd, this site 2010 John Stossel sat down beside me and asked in that famous Stossel tone , here “Armed American Radio?…So how can a radio…be armed”? I’m sure he took notice of the puzzled look on [...]


by Alan Korwin

Arizona, viagra 100mg which has single-handedly rocked the national dialog on the immigration debate, approved has done it again — this time for guns.

On the same day that portions of Arizona’s controversial immigration bill SB1070 took effect, purchase July 29, 2010, the Grand Canyon state implemented its new Constitutional Carry law.


Democrat Gun Ban Creeps Along

California Assembly Bill 1934, about it which would create an entirely new crime of openly carrying a handgun throughout most public places in the state has reportedly bypassed the California Senate Appropriations Committee and will be heard on the Senate floor if the author, erectile Lori Saldana (D-78) can find a state senator to present [...]

Meet The McDonald Winning Team At GRPC

Come meet national gun rights leaders and your fellow grassroots activists at the 25th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC 2010) in San Francisco, CA, September 24, 25, & 26, 2010. This is your once-a-year chance to network and get an insider look and plan pro-gun rights strategies for the coming year.

Past GRPCs have [...]

Supreme Court affirms RKBA for all states (and Chicago-land)

In its second major ruling on gun rights in three years, the Supreme Court Monday extended the federally protected right to keep and bear arms to all 50 states. The decision will be hailed by gun rights advocates and comes over the opposition of gun control groups, the city of Chicago and four justices. Justice [...]