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Armed American Radio:Listen In

As I was sitting in the “green room” at the FOX studios in New York City on June 23rd, this site 2010 John Stossel sat down beside me and asked in that famous Stossel tone , here “Armed American Radio?…So how can a radio…be armed”?  I’m sure he took notice of the puzzled look on my face as I instantly quipped, “The radio can’t…but the host and listeners, are”!  He smiled, and commented that he liked the quick wit and promised me that he wouldn’t ask me anything like that on camera.  He didn’t.

The Stossel show that aired later that week and which I participated on that day was titled ‘More Guns, Less Crime’ and it was an honor to be asked to appear on FOX Business Channel and do my part to defend our uniquely American right to keep and bear arms in that forum.  Joining me were freedom fighters and patriots such as author John Lott, Luby’s massacre survivor Suzanna Hupp, David Burnett from Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, Nikki Goeser whose husband was murdered in a TN bar last year, and brilliant pro-gun attorney Alan Gura who won both the Heller (DC) and McDonald (Chicago) Supreme Court gun ban cases and all of whom have appeared as guests on Armed American Radio.-[source]

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