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Fast & Furious — Holder’s Reckoning Day Has Arrived

With the House committee voting Wednesday to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt, the stalemate between the Obama administration and Congress ultimately boils down to about 1,300 documents.

Congress wants to know who prepared a February 4, 2011 letter where the Obama administration claimed that the U.S. did not knowingly help smuggle guns to [...]

What Liberals Don’t Know About Guns, Chapter 217

Fresh off of blaming Jared Loughner’s killing spree in the Tucson mall on Sarah Palin, liberals are now blaming it on high-capacity magazines. They might as well imprison everyone named “Jared” to prevent a crime like this from ever happening again.

During the presidential campaign, Obama said: “I don’t know of any self-respecting hunter that [...]

What The Media Must Ask Gun Control Advocates

The bottom-feeders at the New York Times editorial board are exploiting the Tucson tragedy to push for new gun control measures, case including a renewal on the Federal Assault Weapons Ban. The measure, sick which expired in 2004, prohibited the sale of high-capacity clips, among other things.

Congress has the “the power to reduce the [...]

Armed American Radio:Listen In

As I was sitting in the “green room” at the FOX studios in New York City on June 23rd, this site 2010 John Stossel sat down beside me and asked in that famous Stossel tone , here “Armed American Radio?…So how can a radio…be armed”? I’m sure he took notice of the puzzled look on [...]

Open-Carry Ban To Boost CCW Permits

Could a bill banning the open carrying of firearms actually result in more guns on California streets? That’s what some gun rights advocates are saying about AB 1934 by Assemblywoman Lori Saldana, viagra D-San Diego. They claim that the difficulty in getting concealed weapons permits in many California counties is so great that a ban [...]