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Reid Defends Kagan Vote On 2A Grounds

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D.-Nev.) cited what he described as Elena Kagan’s defense of the Second Amendment last week as he explained his vote to confirm her to the Supreme Court.

“The roots of General Kagan’s respect for the rule of law are in her respect for our separation of powers,” Reid said in an Aug. 5 speech on the Senate floor. “It is a reverence she developed during her service in all three branches of government, defending the First and Second Amendments, strengthening our national security, and protecting children’s safety.”

Reid’s statement that Kagan had a record of “defending” the Second Amendment contrasts with information about Kagan’s record on gun issues put out during her confirmation hearings by leading gun-rights groups, including the National Rifle Association and the Gun Owners of America, both of which opposed Kagan’s confirmation.-[source]

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