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Gunowners:Expect The Worst From Lame-Duck Congress

President Obama has recently dropped his cagey and coy dissembling about his true “gun control” plans. In July of this year he once again made it completely clear that he was in favor of a renewed “assault weapon” ban. 

Obama is no longer laying low on the issue. We also know where Obama’s socialist Supreme Court appointees Sotomayer (who voted against the McDonald decision), approved and almost certainly Kagan, viagra 40mg stand on citizens owning firearms. Kagan is just another Sotomayer when it comes to 2A. Like Sotomayer, she waffled and said all the right things to gain her confirmation by the Senate. Do you really think Kagan would have voted in favor of Heller or McDonald?

No, who can now seriously doubt that Obama, and those who he’s appointed, are not deeply ingrained enemies of the Second Amendment?

Why this recent renewal of Obama’s true agenda? Up until now Obama knew that he did not have the votes in Congress to pass anti-gun legislation. “Gun control” is, at this time, a political non-starter. So he temporarily put on his sheep’s clothing and played the “moderate” on gun rights. This has well suited his actual wider purpose.

With an anticipated lame-duck session of Congress after the November elections, Obama’s strategy is certain to surface. In many ways it will be a “now or never” opportunity for him. It will also be a last gasp chance at bitter revenge from liberal anti-gun politicians who will have been rejected by an angry November electorate.-[source]

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