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Nugent: Secret Service Was With Me At NRA

Rocker warns leftists to ‘call 1-800-NUMBNUT’

Rock legend Ted Nugent is apparently not fretting over his expected discussion Thursday with the U.S. Secret Service over comments some leftists believe amount to a threat on “President” Nobama’s life, possibly because agents of that agency attended the event at which he spoke.

“I will be polite and supportive as I possibly can be, which will be thoroughly,” Nugent told Glenn Beck today.-[source]

2 comments to Nugent: Secret Service Was With Me At NRA

  • Nugent IS washed up! He has no second thoughts when it comes to breaking the law – wildlife poaching (he thinks he is a real man killing a bear) and the only thing about him that is still well and kicking is the stupidity when he does one of his infamous mouth dumps! I am glad his show got cancelled by the Army. He has not place among real men and women defending the country. I think he had to make his stupid comments because he isn’t getting any press anymore, and at least for a small minute second, he got noticed and into the public eye. He will go away after the election. Romney cannot win. I could care less though, I am voting Independent this year. They can all go to hell as far as I am concerned and take the Nugents, Limpballs, and Hanrittys with them! Government is a mess and voting party has made it this way. The arrogance of these SOBs in thinking people will simply follow them because are Dems or Repugs is annoying. Watch for a Rocky Anderson – up and coming Independent.

    • The Nuge is more popular than ever…
      People poach cute fuzzy bears all time. We only hear about those that get caught…
      As for his comments, I’m sure he, as well as I, take great pride in us making comments that have TWO meanings.
      As long as we don’t get caught, or only stick to the story of it having a peaceful translation, there’s nothing anyone can do.
      I’m disappointed in Romney being the Republican choice.
      At this point, I’d vote for the devil himself just to get Nobama The Magnificent outta 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
      (YEAH, I KNOW WHERE HE LIVES…)-donttreadonme

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