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Cryo Chamber

Firearm Enthusiast Shoots, Kills Armed Home Invader

A home invasion turned deadly after shots were fired Wednesday night at an apartment complex in Antioch.

The invasion and subsequent shooting happened just before 11 p.m. in the Brentridge Apartments on Bell Road.

Metro police said a masked and gloved gunman later identified as convicted drug felon Michael Martin knocked on the door of the apartment that Michael Moffitt shares with his girlfriend.

When the couple looked out of the peephole, more about it was covered from the outside.

Moffitt directed his girlfriend to the bedroom and told her to call police.

Moffitt, who is a firearms enthusiast and had legal weapons in the apartment, retrieved an AR-15 rifle and again checked the peephole.

Seeing that it was no longer covered, Moffitt opened the door.

Police said at that point, Martin, armed with a semi-automatic pistol, forced his way in and shoved Moffitt hard into an interior wall.

Moffitt opened fire on Martin, 35, with the rifle, fatally wounding him.-[source]

8 comments to Firearm Enthusiast Shoots, Kills Armed Home Invader

  • bryant moore

    They should give more details about the rifle….yes, the bad guy is dead…but was it open sights or laser dot…bushmaster, panther….who’s the maker?…..make it like color commentary on sports….

    • Perhaps the shooting didn’t drop the perp in a chalk outline. Mr. Bad-Guy may have been blasted so the good guy could gain some space, so he could anchor the bad guy to his living room floor by bashing his small skull in with the butt of his AR-15…
      Works for me. Better dead than red. Don’t have to worry about the current administration’s DOJ snake Herr Erich Holder releasing him on O/R, so he could prey on the law abiding while awaiting trial.
      In fact a crime such as this may have been committed AFTER other less-violent crimes were successfully committed by the same people. The fact he had a firearm while in commission of his last crime just goes to show what a dangerous game he was playing. Not just for the castle he invaded, but anyone on the other side of the apartment walls. Could have been an infant in a crib catch a stray from the criminal’s piece.
      Criminals are known to fire without discretion, so I’d say society lucked out this guy met his demise as quickly as he did.
      Hopefully some rogue, lone wolf democrat terrorist at the prosecutor’s office won’t charge this guy for defending himself. After all, he opened his door.
      Me, I would have called 911 AFTER I had my rifle/pistol,AOW 8″ barreled shotgun, then sat on my couch WITH my girlfriend AND some firepower while facing the front door and WAIT for the police to arrive.
      At least then if the dumb arse criminal smashed down the front door I could install some gaping, sucking chest wounds and let him get that one last rug burn on his face 5′ inside my front door. THERE’S NO DENYING THAT FORENSIC EVIDENCE. CASTLE DOCTRINE 81TCHES!
      I’d like to point out too, about what I said about having my girlfriend sit next to me on the couch.
      “C’mon Baby, if you don’t want to die in a hail of lead with me, then you don’t really LOVE me…”-donttreadonme AKA Gen. “Joe” Shelby

    • Yeah, you’re right Bryant. Good media outlets aren’t what they used to be

  • Fraud is spelled U.S. Goobermint or Obongo.
    Meds. J’st Ginger Brandy for me.

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