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Cryo Chamber

Nugent: Secret Service Was With Me At NRA

Rocker warns leftists to ‘call 1-800-NUMBNUT’

Rock legend Ted Nugent is apparently not fretting over his expected discussion Thursday with the U.S. Secret Service over comments some leftists believe amount to a threat on “President” Nobama’s life, possibly because agents of that agency attended the event at which he spoke.

“I will be polite and [...]

Nugent Rips ‘Brain-Dead, Soulless, Heartless Idiot’

Rock star Ted Nugent is blasting the head of the Democratic National Committee as a “brain-dead, soulless, heartless idiot” in connection with controversy over his remarks that some think sounded like a threat against “President” Nobama’s life.

Nugent had told the National Rifle Association over the weekend that “if Barack Obama becomes the president in [...]