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‘Oblivious’ Obama NOT Behind Osama Raid

The decision to raid Osama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan and kill him was made without President Obama – and actually was kept from him until after the helicopters already were in Pakistani airspace – according to a new report from a retired major general who cites a senior intelligence source.

The raid was handled [...]

White House: FBI wiretaps for copyright suspects

The White House today proposed sweeping revisions to U.S. copyright law, including making “illegal streaming” of audio or video a federal felony and allowing FBI agents to wiretap suspected infringers.

In a 20-page white paper (PDF), the Obama administration called on the U.S. Congress to fix “deficiencies that could hinder enforcement” of intellectual property laws.


White House To Unveil A Campaign Of Gun Control

In the next two weeks, information pills the White House will unveil a new gun-control effort, page and said that to avoid being accused of capitalizing on the Arizona shootings for political gain, Obama will address the gun issue in a speech separate from the State Of The Union address, likely early next month. He’s [...]

White House Anti-Gun Agenda Being Argued In Supreme Court

It’s official Obama was lying, and now the White House Anti-Gun Agenda is set to be argued in Supreme Court.

The long-awaited challenge to Chicago’s handgun ban will be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court on March 2, 2010 and already it is looking like everyone, on both sides of the issue, anticipates that the [...]

Sixty Million Armed Patriots … and Counting

“No freeman shall ever be debarred the use of arms.” –Thomas Jefferson

Currently, large sectors of the U.S. economy have collapsed, consumer confidence is at a historic low, Democrats control the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government, and they’re poised to print “bailout and infrastructure” money on the theory of “trickle up poverty” — [...]

As White House talks turkey on health care

The White House is pulling out all the stops to pass ObamaCare, visit this site including an attack on Gun Owners of America and the Second Amendment.Unable to pass a bill that is openly hostile to millions of gun owners, more about the President and his anti-gun allies are forced to try to attack us [...]

The War On Terror

by donttreadonme, link written by others,

I don’t see the War On Terror ever coming to an end, until all countries eliminate the threat within their own borders. I’m shocked to see Syria become a safe haven for jihadists. For one, Khadaffi, while standing in a puddle of his own wee watching the Twin Towers [...]