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As White House talks turkey on health care

The White House is pulling out all the stops to pass ObamaCare, visit this site including an attack on Gun Owners of America and the Second Amendment.Unable to pass a bill that is openly hostile to millions of gun owners, more about the President and his anti-gun allies are forced to try to attack us through deception.
On the official White House blog, deputy communications director Dan Pfeiffer denied that the health care bill would affect gun owners. After all, he writes, “there is no mention [of] ‘gun-related health data’ or anything like it anywhere in either the Senate or the House bills.”Well, unlike so many in Congress, GOA attorneys have actually read the bills, something they have been doing since before Mr. Pfeiffer was born.
So, how would this bill attack gun rights?
First of all, the fact that the bills do not mention the words “gun related health data” is meaningless.  Those who know even a little bit about gun law understand the increasing use of statutes which do not mention guns – and common law which was not intended to apply to them – in order to vent hatred for the Second Amendment.  -[source]

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