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Cryo Chamber

Arpaio Arms Deputies With AR-15 Style Rifles

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is fighting back against increasingly violent criminals who are armed with the latest high powered weapons.

He’s now arming his deputies with AR-15 style rifles. Not only that, he’s ordering them to protect themselves even when they’re not on the job.

Arpaio says the rifles will ensure his officers are [...]

Service Gun Belonging To Coconino County Sheriff Stolen

The handgun belonging to the sheriff of Coconino County has been stolen.

Sheriff Bill Pribil’s 9mm Glock pistol was taken on Sunday from his truck, which had been parked outside his home in Flagstaff.

Investigators say the sheriff thought his pickup was locked, because he pushed the button to lock it. But there was no [...]

Border Patrol:Pot Shot Over Fence With Cannon

An attempt by drug smugglers to propel cans of marijuana into the United States with a pneumatic cannon was thwarted by Border Patrol agents over the weekend.

The incident happened some time after sunset Friday in a field near County 22nd and the Colorado River, just northwest of San Luis, Ariz.

The drug smugglers crossed [...]

72-Year-Old Man Kills Intruder

A 72-year-old Lakeland Village, ambulance Calif., man shot and killed an intruder, 51-year-old William Ragsdell, climbing through a window into his residence on October 5.

The homeowner, identified as Jerry Duncan, told a reporter during a phone interview, “He had a flashlight and I told him to get out.” When Ragsdell didn’t leave, Duncan fired [...]

Man Kills Couple Over Facebook Unfriending

Facebook really does give the crazies room to stretch their legs. A Tennessee man shot a couple in their Mountain City home on Wednesday after the couple unfriended his adult daughter. It is unclear as of yet if the shooting the week before was related to the spat about the social media site snub, dosage [...]

Carjacking Suspect Shoots Self During Police Pursuit

A carjacking suspect shot himself after police pursued him for over an hour in west Phoenix.

After driving on the I-10 westbound for the majority of the pursuit, the man got off the freeway and drove on the dirt roads of a small town called Salome.

The suspect pulled over on one of the roads [...]

Bystander Fired Deadly Shot, Not Officer

There were two big developments Monday in the case of a motorist who was shot and killed along Greenwell Springs Road Friday after a fight with a police officer. Investigators say an autopsy shows the deadly bullet was fired by a bystander, not the officer. Police also announced that no charges would be filed in [...]

Flags Stolen From Veteran Twice In One Week

A man who spent more than two decades serving the country is now battling crooks who have been stealing the emblem of his patriotic pride.

He’s served this country, but now faces a battle on the home front. Local veteran Ralph Franklin has lived in Tuscola for over 30 years and just now, for unknown [...]

Pinal County Deputies Seize Drugs, Expose Smuggling Camp

Authorities say a helicopter helped Pinal County deputies on Wednesday seize more than a ton of marijuana and two vehicles, and expose a suspected smuggling camp.

A Sheriff’s Office helicopter was called to assist the West Desert Task Force, made up of Pinal County deputies and several federal agencies, to track a suspected drug load [...]

Deputy On Leave After Theft Of Vehicle, Assault Rifle

Sheriff Lupe Treviño placed a deputy on paid administrative leave Monday after the officer shot at a fleeing suspect who stole his patrol unit and personal assault rifle early Sunday morning.

The theft happened while the Hidalgo County sheriff’s deputy responded to a call regarding criminal mischief at a home in Hargill, more about according [...]