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Cryo Chamber

Carjacking Suspect Shoots Self During Police Pursuit

A carjacking suspect shot himself after police pursued him for over an hour in west Phoenix.

After driving on the I-10 westbound for the majority of the pursuit, the man got off the freeway and drove on the dirt roads of a small town called Salome.

The suspect pulled over on one of the roads [...]

Man Accused Of Impersonating Deputy

A 34-year-old man has been accused of impersonating a police officer while at a bar in Chandler.

Last Wednesday night, hospital Matthew Gordon Williams, Jr. allegedly got into a verbal argument with another patron while at a Chandler bar.

The bartender told him she was going to call police and kept his credit card, so [...]

Arizona Man Finds Live Grenades Near Beeline Highway

A man searching for buried treasure with a metal detector found a box of live grenades instead.

This happened about a mile away from the Bush and Beeline Highways.

The box wasn’t tampered with and authorities were called immediately.

“He found a box that actually said grenades on it..and we’re going to investigate to find [...]