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Flags Stolen From Veteran Twice In One Week

A man who spent more than two decades serving the country is now battling crooks who have been stealing the emblem of his patriotic pride.

He’s served this country, but now faces a battle on the home front. Local veteran Ralph Franklin has lived in Tuscola for over 30 years and just now, for unknown reasons, is the victim of a petty, irritating crime.

To call Ralph Franklin patriotic would be sort of an understatement.

“I love flags and I love to fly my flags,” says Franklin.

He’s a veteran who’s served twenty years and a retiree living on a quiet Tuscola street. But this morning Franklin awoke to something unexpected.

Franklin says, “I got up at 4:30 and the flag was gone.”

Not just one flag, but three — and this wasn’t the first time either.

“Three flags total two times, so they stole a total of six flags,” says Franklin.

The initial theft happened July 3rd, just a day before America’s independence is celebrated.

Franklin adds, “A flag is just precious to me. And for someone to come along and steal my pride and joy, that’s just not good business.”-[source]

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