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Rehberg Takes Aim At New ATF Firearm Sales Reporting Rules

Montana’s Congressman, pill Denny Rehberg, story today released the following statement critical of a proposed “emergency rule” by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to require federally licensed firearms retailers to report multiple sales of semi-automatic rifles. The proposed rule was included in today’s Federal Register and specifically calls for firearm retailers [...]

Schools Teach That An Unarmed Society Is Safer

An interesting legal case is playing out in Montana. A 16-year-old honor student, for sale varsity cheerleader and student council member inadvertently brought a deer-hunting rifle onto school property unloaded and secured in the trunk of her car. During the day she realized it was in her trunk in violation of school rules so she [...]

Smokeless Powder Loss Threat To RKBA

Without ammunition, discount our firearms are just awkward clubs, mind and our cherished right to Keep and Bear Arms is worthless – literally worth nothing.

Let me explain this threat.

To the best of my information, there are only two plants in the United States that manufacture smokeless propellant to load ammunition for our firearms. [...]

Increased Bear Attacks Confirms Need For Guns In Parks

The political effort leading to adoption last year of a new statute allowing defensive firearms to be carried in national parks got a major affirmation – albeit tragic – Wednesday morning when a bear rampaged through a campground near Yellowstone National Park, killing one person and injuring two other campers.

One can probably knock on [...]

Secret Weapon

Noah Dressel, the gun counter manager at Missoula’s Wholesale Sports, has a permit issued by the state of Montana to carry a concealed firearm. But the permit isn’t valid in Washington, a state he often travels through, nor is it valid in Minnesota, where his parents live. So Dressel obtained what’s become the gun-lover’s golden [...]

‘Aggressive’ Deer Sparks 1st Glacier Gun Incident

Glacier National Park has had its first incident of a gun being fired inside the Park boundaries since carrying them was legalized.

On June 12, sale a woman was hiking on the Going-to-the-Sun Road near Logan Creek when she encountered what she claimed was an aggressive whitetail deer, said Park spokeswoman Amy Vanderbilt.

The deer [...]

Feds: States’ gun-rights a threat

The federal government is arguing in a gun-rights case pending in federal court in Montana that state plans to exempt in-state guns from various federal requirements themselves make the laws void, pharmacy because the growing movement certainly would impact “interstate commerce.”

The government continues to argue to the court that the Commerce Clause in the [...]

More states join fight with feds over guns

Utah, Alabama, Idaho, South Carolina, South Dakota, Wyoming and West Virginia all signed on to the lawsuit. The states argue that the U.S. Constitution gives them the right to control activities inside state borders, and they want the authority to do so under the firearms freedom acts advancing around the country. [...]

Utah, Wyo. seek to intervene in Mont. gun lawsuit

State officials in Wyoming and Utah plan to enter a lawsuit pending in Montana to argue the federal government lacks authority to regulate firearms that are made and sold in the same state.

The attorneys general of Wyoming and Utah say they plan to file a brief in the Montana case this week. It’s possible [...]