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Cryo Chamber

The Nanny State comes to Iraq

After almost eight years of U.S. occupation and nation-building in Iraq, pill elements of contemporary Western civilization finally are taking root in this Middle Eastern nation. The Nanny State has finally arrived in Baghdad. As noted in a recent story in The New York Times, diagnosis Iraq’s Ministry of Health is pushing for a ban [...]

Schools Teach That An Unarmed Society Is Safer

An interesting legal case is playing out in Montana. A 16-year-old honor student, for sale varsity cheerleader and student council member inadvertently brought a deer-hunting rifle onto school property unloaded and secured in the trunk of her car. During the day she realized it was in her trunk in violation of school rules so she [...]

Don’t Bring A Toy Gun To A Gunfight

It may soon be against the law to carry a phony gun in Moorhead.

On a vote of 5-2 on Monday, drugs Moorhead City Council members gave initial approval to a revised city ordinance that prohibits people from carrying facsimile weapons in public places.

The revision needs one more reading to become effective, and officials [...]