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Cryo Chamber

Smokeless Powder Loss Threat To RKBA

Without ammunition, discount our firearms are just awkward clubs, mind and our cherished right to Keep and Bear Arms is worthless – literally worth nothing.

Let me explain this threat.

To the best of my information, there are only two plants in the United States that manufacture smokeless propellant to load ammunition for our firearms. All else is imported, from Canada, Scandinavia, Europe, Israel, and Australia primarily.

These two plants are both owned by giant defense and government contractors for whom sales of powder for civilian ammunition consumption is but a tiny fraction of their business…-[source]

1 comment to Smokeless Powder Loss Threat To RKBA

  • Paul

    Those of us who cherish the 2nd amendment are in danger of loosing that right by default thru the banning or restriction of ammo use or limiting access to components of that ammo. We must take every effort to be assured of a supply that is guaranteed to us for ever.

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