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What The Media Must Ask Gun Control Advocates

The bottom-feeders at the New York Times editorial board are exploiting the Tucson tragedy to push for new gun control measures, case including a renewal on the Federal Assault Weapons Ban. The measure, sick which expired in 2004, prohibited the sale of high-capacity clips, among other things.

Congress has the “the power to reduce the number of these sorts of horrors, and their lethality” if only they would confront the evil interests of the NRA and reinstate the ban, intoned the Times.

Hyperbole aside, would a ban on oversized magazines result in lower crime rates and prevent massacres like the one we saw take place in Arizona? John Lott Jr., a criminologist and author of The Bias Against Guns, says no. Not a chance.

In a HUMAN EVENTS video exclusive, Lott said that when the assault weapons ban expired in 2004, liberals argued that felonies and shootings would soar.

The opposite happened, Lott states. Murder and robbery rates have fallen substantially, in fact.-[source]

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