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South Bend Police Tase, Arrest Wrong Guy

A story you will only see on ABC 57 News. One South Bend couple said they cannot trust the police, cost after officers barged in their home in the middle of the night and tased and punched their son, check for no reason at all.

The South Bend Police Department confirmed that three officers did tase and handcuffed 18-year-old DeShaun Franklin.

“They beat him. They tased him and they hit him in the jaw, cheap ” said DeShaun Franklin’s mother Vivian Franklin.

Franklin said she did not know what to do, when police woke her up, guns in hand, in the middle of the night. She said they made her sit on the porch, pushed their way inside her home and tased her son.

“They just came straight in my house went in my bedroom and then my son’s room and started tasing him,” said Franklin.

Police put DeShaun in the back of their squad car, but when they went to talk with the teen, they realized they got the wrong guy.-[source]

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