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Sacramento Homeowner Shoots Intruders

whoopassAccording to The Sacramento (Calif.) Bee, pharm a homeowner foiled a home invasion style robbery by shooting all three intruders, killing one.

The incident occurred at 3:29 a.m. Dec. 22. At that time, Sacramento Police officers were dispatched to a report of shots fired at an address on Haven Court, which is located in the Pocket neighborhood of Sacramento.

Upon their arrival, officers determined that three robbers, as well as the homeowner, had been shot. The only subject police have identified in connection with the shooting is an alleged invader, Thomas Ordonaz, 21, who was arrested for assault a deadly weapon and being an accessory to a crime.

One of the alleged home invaders, later identified as 31-year old Joseph Merjil, was pronounced dead at the scene by Sacramento Fire Department personnel. The homeowner and two other alleged intruders sustained non-life-threatening injuries and were transported to a hospital.

According to Sacramento Police Department Officer Doug Morse, “There were some juveniles in the home who didn’t live there, but they were not involved in the shooting and were not injured.” Morse said it appeared the children were having a sleepover.

This incident is still under investigation.

While there seems to be more questions than answers at this point, one fact is crystal clear, even with the limited information available regarding this incident. The homeowner’s gun was readily accessible and he was proficient enough in its use to shoot three intruders, at least one of which was known to be armed.

The homeowner had a firearm, knew how to use it, and just as importantly, was committed to using it in defense of himself and others inside the residence, including his children and their friends.  As a result, we’re left with what appears to be a dead bad guy, two injured bad guys and an injured homeowner. Had the homeowner not have been armed, trained, and committed, there may well have been other occupants of the residence, including children, who were injured or killed by the home invaders.

It’s often said that a gun is a tool. It’s also said that guns save lives. I believe that a gun is a tool that—when placed in the hands of a trained and committed individual—can dramatically affect the outcome of deadly force encounter.-[source]

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