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The Americans Who Serve

communityJust before Christmas we had a guest in our home.
A young man who is a U. S. Army staff sergeant, find a soldier, an infantryman who has led men in combat on the fields of battle in Iraq and Afghanistan.
He was passing through on his way to his latest tour of duty in Afghanistan where people want to kill him.
He’s been to war a half-dozen times now since he enlisted a dozen years ago after graduating from high school. Going to war has been his adult life.
As a staff non-commissioned officer the lives of many are in his hands.
When most young men and women his age who work in management or leadership positions make a mistake at work, they can usually correct it on their laptop.
When he makes a mistake at work, the chances are high someone or many will die or are injured seriously.
That’s an incredible amount of responsibility to carry but he does it willingly and admirably.
We didn’t talk about the war while he was here. There was no need to.
We talked about cold beer, women (he’s single, ladies, and quite handsome), and what he was going to do after the army and the days of carrying a M4 rifle and leading men in battle for a living.
We talked about the closeness you have with those who have served no matter what branch of service they were in.
The camaraderie that comes with those you share danger and death with is as strong a bond as I’ve ever seen or experienced.
It never ceases to amaze me where we find the young people who are willing to put their lives on the line and bravely venture into the jaws of death in the service of their country.
It takes a special breed to seek out danger so that others may live and prosper while living a life of honor and sacrifice.
Sadly sometimes the sacrifice is life and limb.-[source]

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