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Proof Research Developing Carbon Fiber Barrels

weaponsProof Research, sildenafil a relatively new small arms firm operating out of Kalispell, diagnosis Mont. with a specialty in making lightweight, accurate and extremely thermally conductive barrels, is looking to change guns pretty fundamentally.

Founded just a few years ago in 2010, the firm uses front-line carbon fiber technology to make a rigid wrap around super-thin barrels. The combination of materials reduces the overall mass and improves the barrel in other ways as well.

In fact, while the weight reduction is probably the most sought-after property of Proof Research’s technology, the heat conduction of carbon fiber may be more important still.

As a barrel heats up, the metal expands, and it expands unevenly, exaggerating small imperfections in the rifling, in the smoothness of the bore, and any metallurgical flaws that normally don’t affect shooting.

This means that after shooting enough to heat the barrel, the point of impact will shift. There are ways to adapt to this, such as using a heavier barrel that requires more shooting to heat, but that adds weight. For a range rifle that’s not necessarily a bad thing; for a fighting rifle it’s terrible.-[source]

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