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Man Filmed On TV Show Trying To Sell Stolen Gun

Police arrested a 64-year-old man accused of stealing a rare, antique gun after he was spotted trying to sell it on a television show.

Wheat Ridge Police say they arrested Wylie Gene Newton of Erie for allegedly stealing the gun from a private museum in New Mexico in December. The gun is a Colt Dragoon black powder revolver that dates back to the 1800s. It’s reportedly valued at $20,000.

Police say Newton tried to sell the gun on a reality TV show called “American Guns,” which is filmed at a Wheat Ridge gun shop.

A viewer who knew about the investigation let authorities know about Newton after he watched the episode, which aired in December. The man on the show went by “Wylie” and took two black-powder revolvers to sell at the shop.

Authorities in New Mexico contacted the police in Colorado. On May 10, undercover detectives met with Newton and offered to buy the stolen gun.

He was arrested and police recovered the stolen revolver. He is being held in the Jefferson County Detention Center pending extradition.-[source]

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