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Criminals Invent Similar Items To The Military

DETECTION. Criminals killed by soldiers in Sinaloa, cost between April 28 and May 10, more about wore uniforms, helmets and boots, authorities reported. (Photo: UNIVERSAL ARCHIVE)
Sunday May 13, 2012
Javier Cabrera / Correspondent | The Universal

Culiacan. The secretary of state Public Safety, Francisco Cordova Celaya, reported that members of criminal groups wear similar clothes to uniforms bearing the Army and the various corporations to confuse the population.

He said that in recent events have secured three patrol vehicles cloned as local and federal police forces and a Hummer, olive green, with a 50 caliber Barret rifle-mounted.

He noted that in cases that have occurred between April 28 and May 10, in the municipalities of Choix, Guasave and Salvador Alvarado, criminals who have fallen killed by military forces wore uniforms, helmets and boots. He explained that the case raised on the Mexico-Nogales, at the entrance to the city of Guamuchil, in which five gunmen were killed, their clothing was similar to police and military elements.

He stressed that in this, where the five suspects were killed and their bodies were in an armored van, registration 76-26 VHWs that caught fire, there were helmets, boots and camouflage uniforms.-[source]

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