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Hummer With A Grenade Launcher In Sinaloa

Elements of the Mexican Army stationed in the Ninth Military Zone were in a surveillance tours Hummer abandoned in the mountains of the town of Choix, this which had a grenade launcher attachment, plus thousands of cartridges.

On April 28, 19 suspected gunmen were killed by soldiers during a clash.

According to official information, military personnel on a tour by land on a road between Old and Yecorato Homes in the community of Vinarerías, Choix, when armed men escaped detect military presence, leaving the abandoned luxury unit.

This is a Hummer H2, Sinaloa plates, which were superimposed. When staff reviewed 89 Infantry Battalion located the truck with thousands of cartridges, and an grenade launcher attachments.

The military said three thousand 637 cartridges caliber 7.62 x 39 AK-47 rifle, 711 of caliber 9 millimeter, 357 .223 caliber, for AR-15 rifle, .45 caliber was 49 and 49 of 5.7 x 28 to the gun called cop killer.

In the Hummer unit also found a grenade launcher attachment installed and eight mags, of whom seven are for goat horn (AK)  and one for AR-15.-[source]

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