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Pentagon Seeks Replacement For M4

The M-16 and its variants have been a soldier’s companion and lifesaver for almost 50 years. Now the Pentagon is looking to replace the venerable rifle.

The Army has released a pre-solicitation contract request, viagra buy a Pentagon procedure to determine if anyone is interested in bidding for work on a replacement for the M-4 carbine.

The M-4 is the latest in a line of assault weapons that date back to the M-16, and the Pentagon has purchased some 700,000 of the weapons during the past decade. Based in West Hartford, Conn., Colt Defense produces the M-4, but the decade-long weapons contract is due to expire in 2012.

Mainly used as an urban assault weapon, the Colt M-4 carbine is not without problems, mainly jamming, according to a Congressional Research Service report from June 2010.-[source]

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