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TX: Open Carry Bill

An effort to let Texans openly carry their handguns throughout the state is still alive in the Texas Legislature, but its days may be numbered.

A bill to give Texas gun owners the freedom to publicly tote their guns has passed a crucial hurdle, being approved by a House committee, but that might be as far as the proposal goes this session if it doesn’t make its way onto the crowded House calendar in the next few days.

With just three weeks left in the session, Thursday is the last day for the House to give preliminary approval to nonlocal bills and joint resolutions, such as House Bill 2756, which allows the open carrying of guns. Countless bills will be competing for space on the calendars as each of the legislative deadlines come up.

“Time is running out,” said Bill Miller, a veteran Austin lobbyist. “The proverbial logjam is beginning to occur.”-[source]

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