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An Advantage Over Violence: A Business Approach

Some 4,000 American females are murdered each year. A female in the United States is 3 times more likely to be murdered than a female in Canada, 5 times more likely to be murdered than a female in Germany, and 8 times more likely to be murdered than a female in England and Wales. The firearm homicide rate for US females is 11 times higher than that in the other high-income countries. (Source: Firearm Availability and Female Homicide Victimization Rates among 25 Populous High Income Countries, 2002 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Women’s Association)

These statistics are worthy of attention to some, worthy of action to Vicki Kawelmacher. In 2004, Vicki and her husband were accosted while sitting on a beach. In 2007, the Kawelmacher’s ten-year old daughter barely escaped from being abducted in their ‘kid-friendly’ neighborhood. In 2008, their 28-year old son was a victim of a home invasion he barely survived. Were these incidents sheer coincidence or signs of a calling?

In January 2008, she opened The Women’s Shooting Academy (WSA) in Reno, Nevada ( The Academy provides women with a place to attend firearms use classes. The courses include Women’s Introduction to Handguns (for novices and future gun owners), Introduction to Tactics (for hands-on handgun use), CCW (a firearms qualifications course required in order to carry a concealed weapons permit in Nevada, Utah and Florida) as well as a Gun Cleaning and Maintenance course.-[source]

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