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Your Duty as a Gun Owner to Vote

I propose that the “firearms fraternity” begin placing as much emphasis on voting and voter education as we do on safety and safety education.

Unintentional firearms injuries and fatalities have dropped by some 60% over the past 20 years while the number of firearms in circulation has more than doubled. These amazing results are not due to government programs, drug laws, or regulations.

They are a result of education and an almost universal acceptance of and insistence on adherence to the basic rules of firearms safety. Gun owners not only practice firearms safety, they advocate for it and expect it from others, and they shun anyone who fails to abide by the rules. The improving firearms safety record is a stellar example of positive peer pressure. We in the firearms fraternity need to extend that success into the realm of voting.-[source]

1 comment to Your Duty as a Gun Owner to Vote

  • shark60

    You do not only have a duty to vote as a gun owner. As an American citizen you have a duty to vote. Forfeit your right to vote and you have abdicated your right to complain about anything government does. By not voting you have demonstrated that you don’t care.

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