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Cryo Chamber

NYU Student Busted For Building Air Rifles In Dorm Room

An NYU psychology student turned his Manhattan dorm room into an air rifle factory and was arrested on illegal weapons possession raps Monday, law enforcement sources told the Post.

Bernard Goal, 20, was busted after a startled maintenance crew spotted a pair of realistic looking rifles on his bed while he was out and alerted [...]

Brainwashing Kids About Guns:The Sequel

Barely a month ago I wrote about a spate of recent incidents in which schoolchildren as young as five were seriously punished for committing no reasonable offense whatsoever other than triggering the anti-gun hysteria of politically correct, no rx progressive school officials. Those incidents were just the beginning.

In arguably the most ludicrous and outrageous [...]

Brad Pitt On Guns: ‘America Founded On Guns’

Brad Pitt and I share something in common. And no, decease it’s not what you’re thinking (to answer your question, healing no, cialis 40mg I’ve never dated Angelina. She did ask me out once, but I turned her down. She’s just not my type; I prefer more adventurous women). What Brad and I have in [...]

Pro-Gun Group Pulls Fast One On Chicago Firearms Buyback

A pro-gun group claims it flipped the script on Chicago’s firearms buyback program by selling old, broken rifles to the city and then using the money to buy guns and ammo for an NRA-sponsored shooting camp for kids.

“Guns Save Life,” based in Champaign, Ill., recently sold 60 firearms to the Chicago Police Department — [...]

BB-Gun Bill Result Of LAPD Shooting

In response to the police shooting of a Los Angeles teenager, pill state lawmakers on Tuesday backed a requirement that BB and pellet guns be made entirely with bright colors so that officers do not mistake them for deadly firearms.

The Senate Public Safety Committee approved the legislation sought by Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie [...]

The Nanny State comes to Iraq

After almost eight years of U.S. occupation and nation-building in Iraq, pill elements of contemporary Western civilization finally are taking root in this Middle Eastern nation. The Nanny State has finally arrived in Baghdad. As noted in a recent story in The New York Times, diagnosis Iraq’s Ministry of Health is pushing for a ban [...]